Anandibai Yamgarnikar


With clay in her hands, she is a magician. It isn't just the traditional art. It also fends for the bread and butter of her family. Like all businesses, the clay work too demands funding, primarily for the raw material. She is required to buy clay, moulds, paints, plaster, etc.

Her friend had been telling her about the Self Help Groups (SHGs) and the loan facility provided by Buldana Urban Co-op Credit Society Ltd. exclusively for them for quite some time. Being absolutely clueless about the installment amounts, she was naturally hesitant in the beginning. But when she came to know about the monthly installment amount, she was pleasantly surprised. Finally, in the month of March, she joined the SHG and decided to opt for loan. Her application was approved without any hassles, again to her surprise.

Already a few months into paying back her loan amount, she is now hoping for another loan for doubled amount to increase her business. Her smile speaks volumes.

Kranti Kulkarni


Multifaceted cashews are omnipresent in most of the urban houses. Western Maharashtra produces some fine quality cashewnuts. However, with the acidic properties of raw cashew fruit, readying them for market becomes a tedious process. Very few dare to venture in this business.

Kranti wanted to start a new business, a road less travelled. She had long been intrigued by the cashew processing units. She decided to set up her own unit.

Like most fresh entrepreneurs, she too faced the scarcity of funds. In her time of need, Kranti's SHG, 'Maitrin', literally meaning friend, came to her rescue. She approached Buldana Urban for loan and her application was passed promptly.

She has now employed five women who ensure that only the best quality cashewnuts are sent out to the markets.


Swati Zodge


It had been five years since Swati started working on her own. She had been quite occupied ever since her marriage. With four younger brothers-in-law to look after, she barely had time for herself. Thereafter, her own children were born. Her husband alone could not provide for such a huge family. Swati remembered her parents’ lessons well. She was trained in machine-stitching and related work. Having grown up seeing them work gracefully with fabrics, patterns and stitching, Swati did not have to go out of her way to acquire and fine tune the same skills.

With her savings, she bought an old sewing machine and started her business. After acquiring a good number of clients, Swati realized that it was time to bid adieu to her old equipment.

Her SHG membership and the loan received through Buldana Urban helped her to get a brand new, more efficient sewing machine.

Apart from the regular clothing, Swati has also been experimenting with clutches and bags and intends to work on them further.

Shobha Chougule

Islampur (Palus)

She geared up for her business and sought support from Buldana Urban. With her own savings and the loan amount received through Buldana Urban, she bought an oven and essential raw material.

Today, she bakes a wide range of products along with biscuits. She has undergone technical training and taken baking courses before introducing new products. The average daily production of biscuits is about 15 kilograms. She is also selling variety of laddoos, papads and pickles today.

Shobha's home-made biscuits have already crossed the international borders but she hopes for a better marketing strategy while widening her horizons.